6 Best Squarespace Templates for Bloggers That Can Get You Started on Your Website

Best Squarespace Templates For Bloggers
Written by Saeed Ashif Ahmed

Squarespace offers numerous flexible and mobile responsive templates that enable aspiring bloggers and content creators to build professional-looking and visually appealing websites for their readers. After choosing to use Squarespace over other content management systems, most bloggers are spoilt for choice considering the wide array of best Squarespace templates for bloggers to choose from.

The first thing to bear in mind is that you should not choose a template based on how it looks. You should assess the template’s functionality and the degree of customization that it offers, as different templates have different abilities. Therefore, choose the best Squarespace templates for bloggers by ensuring that it fits your needs.

Best Squarespace Templates For Bloggers

Best Squarespace Templates For Bloggers

Additionally, you should consider the audience, as viewers’ tastes tend to differ depending on their age group. For instance, the older generation tends to prefer websites that have simpler navigation menus and displays all the main information on the homepage. Moreover, you should keep your brand in mind, as the placement of logos is restricted to some degree in different templates.

Therefore, it is important to take time before deciding on the best Squarespace template to use and what different features and page layouts to add. Here are a few tips you can use to select the best Squarespace template for your blog.

Determine the scope of the website – Before you even start going through the Squarespace templates for bloggers, it is crucial to consider how the website would function, the various pages and features that you would include, and the purpose of your website.

Go through the template categories – The 3 categories for a Squarespace website are websites, cover pages, and online stores. For bloggers, the website category is more appropriate and contains a wide array of templates for bloggers that you can choose. You can see more about the templates’ features by clicking on each one.

Check out sample sites for every template you desire – By going through the sites that are already using the template, you can be able to see the versatility of the template and how you can customize it to suit your website. You can try checking how the template downsizes on mobile devices to give you an alternative view and help you make an informed decision.

Finally, after selecting the best option, you can try it for a test drive as Squarespace allows you to create a free trial for 14 days.

As a blogger, it is important to realize that your homepage is the first impression that the readers have to your website and no matter the content that you wish to transmit to the readers and viewers, the design of your homepage has to be compelling and visually appealing.

Here are 6 best Squarespace templates for bloggers and writers:

1. Native

The layout of the Native template is responsive and has no sidebar so is fitting for personal bloggers. Native provides content on a scrolling page in a modern outlook that enhances storytelling. The blogger can format his or her images all through the page to portray the words conveying his or her perspective.

The homepage of Native is a vertical scrolling page where the articles are represented using high-resolution images followed by short summaries of the content inside. Additionally, there is also a page for displaying all your images and an about page for describing the blog’s objective.

Therefore, for the bloggers that desire a blog in which the images get the same significance as the contents, I recommend using Native.

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2. Montauk

The layout of Montauk has a beautiful column and takes a short time to set up and customize. Montauk is flexible and clean, attracting even professional businessmen and so makes it on my list of best Squarespace templates for bloggers.

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3. Foundry

For bloggers who desire to create websites that do not contain images and visuals, Foundry is the best option as it centers on words rather than the visuals. Most bloggers tend to prefer the Foundry template due to its engaging design and minimalistic grid layout.

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4. Five

This Squarespace template has numerous customizable options and a dynamic layout. For the bloggers that prefer using a sidebar navigation system, I recommend using Five templates.

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5. Skye

This Squarespace template also comes with a sidebar navigation system and has a magazine style that looks neat. Skye template also has a responsive and balanced grid outline that enhances the user experience.

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6. Rally

For the bloggers that desire a website involves a lot of imagery and text on the user experience design, Rally template is the suitable option. Aside from the 3-dimensional scrolling effects that it employs, Rally has assorted layout options that enhance browsing and scrolling through the website’s content.

Moreover, Rally template has an inbuilt search bar, and several navigation areas and its cutting-edge mobile styling make it responsive and flexible on mobile platforms.

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Every project starts as a blank, and beautiful well-designed websites are no exception. I recommend that you seek inspiration before you start building your own website. Explore what your favorite brands do with their sites to help you visualize what you would need for your own site. Take notes of the styles and designs that relate to what you want to accomplish then begin browsing through the numerous Squarespace templates for bloggers.

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